Monday, 2 April 2012


You should all have one Leather MESH jacket in your wardrobe. Avon Fashion brings you this awesome group gift so hurry and grab it.

As well as Casual wear you can make Leather explode buy using your overknee boots. If you dont have one pair yet you will see the adress for a free pair. They are one of the greatest i ever had.

Jacket: +M's Avon+RED Jacket , +M's AVON+                                    L$0 Mesh*

Boots:[G] Sexy Bunny - Overknee Boots , [G l i t z z]                           L$0 GroupGift

Shorts:[G] Suluette-Jeans , [G l i t z z]                                                    L$0 LuckyChair

Nails: [G] Red Lace-Nails , [G l i t z z]                                                   L$0 LuckyChair

Sunglasses: Rock Star - Sunglasses , [G l i t z z]                                     L$0 GroupGift

Key Chais: <kal rau> Key Chain  , ..::: Kal Rau :::..                               L$0 GroupGift

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