Saturday, 31 March 2012


COldlogic subscribe gift shows us the latest quality rigged mesh. You are gonna feel Quality and understand how MESH is a revolution for us . You just need to subscribe and then you can grab this awesome Mesh Outfit FOR FREE*  . 

Latelet those  Mesh SHoes become one of my favorites as it has such and original design and again For free. You just need to join group. I would be glad if you can show me some feedback with your combinations. But till then here is my choice.

Dress:  coldLogic dress - free winter.clay (M), Coldlogic                                        L$0 MESH*

Shoes: Stella Mesh - Box    , ATHOR STORE                                                         L$0      groupGift

Tote Bag: *COCO*_Gift_ClearToteBag-Black ,COCO Designs                             L$0      groupGift

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Naomi" (Onyx)(Scarf)  , D!va Mainstore                                L$0    groupGift

SunGlasses: Sun Glasses BLACK @ Risk City! , Marketplace                                L$0   

Nails: Piercing Nails Goldstar red , Marketplace                                                       L$2

Earrings: B Gold-Double-Bamboo with Bling    , Marketplace                                 L$10


Deviance Design gives us this awesome * Deviance *  Blue Belle outfit as a GIFT!!     you just need to go through Landmark and follow the arrow through downstairs.  You will see Apple Bop. All you need to do is right click and Bop Apples.

Outfit comes in different versions as long and short  skirt  options , pants, roses, basket ..everything you see down in the picture is for FREE . So hurry up and grab it . You will feel like a princess in midnight winks*

OUTFIT : * Deviance * - Blue Belle  , Apple BOP GIFT!!   ,     Deviance                      L$0

FLATS :   GG WOMENS BUCKLE FLATS-BLUE    , Grumble Grumble    
                                                                                    Use Giftcards given by boards so you can grab flats for free


I am going to show you one dress in both colours for you in this post. Both dress has awesome quality and texture. I will also add  place LM so youc an reach those awesome gifts of Gizza. You need to join group which is totally free then you can grab this awesome dress.It is in the group gifts section.  The other one in green is also gift from Womenstuff hunt. You need to find WOmenstuff object for it in the store.

First Model:

Dress:  GizzA - April Group Gift [Female]  (red)   , Gizza Creations                        L$0   GorupGift

Nails: ::GB:: Cute Pearl Ring Nail 3color , GABRIEL                                               L$0    GroupGift

Clutch: *COCO*_SatinClutch(Silver) , COCO Designs                                  

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Elizabeth (Silver Diamante) , STILETTO MOODY

Hairs: *booN WMO003 hair black/chocolate/purple , *SAIKIN and booN hair

second Model :

Dress: GizzA - WomenStuff Gift   (Green)   , Gizza Creations                                     L$0 GorupGift

Hairs:""D!va" ( More than 30000 groupgift ) Cat's eye  , D!va MainStore                   L$0 GorupGift
Shoes: [Amarelo Manga] - Sandal " Nature" Platinum    , AMARELO MANGA        L$0 GroupGift

Watch: Ladies Leafy Wristwatch [bagged]    , Marketplace                                          L$1

                                                                                                      Special Thanks for     Model : Lilrose93 Resident


MOHNA LISA COUTURE   presents us this awesome Jean Set as GROUP GIFT .

it has one version for boys as well. The little scarf and the cuff details on both shoulders make you have more elegance look. Jeans has a great texture and design on the bum which i also love most about it.  Once you follow Lm you will end up at enterance. Just follow the red carpet till upstairs and you will reach this awesome group gift.

OUTFIT : *MLC* Wrinkley Jean Set for Her:   by Mohna Lisa Couture                   ,   L$0    group gift

Bag: [M2M]..::Cottom Bag - Red Wine:.BOXED     , MARKETPLACE                   , L$1

Earrings: ButterflyBirth Studs 14K Gold Garnet   , MARKETPLACE                        , L$0  

Feet:Prim Feet : [AL] Promo Bare Tip Toe Foot  , MARKETPLACE                        ,  L$10

Friday, 30 March 2012


here we go again... Gifts and Freebies...

 by This post i am gonna prove that you look really awesome in spring in very cheap way again.  Style is not something you can buy. It is something you should feel and create using your own personality. I wanna show you some examples to help you show what you have in yourself.

Dress:  GizzA - WomenStuff Special Gift   ,  Menstuff/Womenstuff Lounge                  L$0

Bag:  Bag - Blue Leather - Shoulder   , Marketplace                                                        L$1

Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Pink    , N-core            Womenstuff Hunt Gift                     L$0   

Hairs: ""D!va"" Hair "Mana" (Type B)(Cat's eye)  , Diva hairs                                          L$0

Nails: ::GB:: Cute Pearl Ring Nail 3color    , GABRIEL                                                     L$0

Sun Glasses: Naali's aviator sunglasses gold     , MARKETPLACE                                L$10

Make Up: AVOKI-LipsnLiner C2/3 Gift-LilacMist   , MARKETPLACE                                L$0

                                                                                                                   Model : Lilrose93 Resident

Thursday, 29 March 2012


How many of you there having an inventory mess problem but still cant help when its freebies or dollarbies . For this post i wanted to show you one of those amazing group gifts.

It is just "1 L$" . you will be shocked when you see the quality in details. Group gift includes Mesh Jacket Mesh Dress and Mesh Overknee boots.

 The texture details are totally MODERN ORIENTALLIST  which is one of my favorite style in fashion.

Jacket + Dress + Overknee Boots       ** ALL MESH**                                 L$1     Group Gift*  

                       ALB MONTH MARCH 2012 IN LOVE ShuShu + Analee , ALB FASHION

Earrings:  Donna Flora POISON DROPS gift  , Donna Flora                         L$1        Dollarbie

Bangles: BB - YuYuMe Bangles  , Bubbles Design                                        L$0     Group Gift*  

Hairs :>TRUTH< Erika - black & whites , TRUTH Hair                                L$250

This allows you use it along lots of combinations. You can take the Fur detail off and make it look more daily . You can be modern chick or more orientallist desert storm.  create your own style with your own details.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

E-Clipse GLORIA Mesh*

E-Clipse released newest Mesh Gloria ADD . I ve been looking forward to meet newest creations of E-Clipse as i adore their original designs. The texture also gonna warm you better in spring days. It includes one mesh Bag matching perfect with the outfit. I hope you gonna enjoy it. Dont hesitate trying demos. They will give you an idea which colour would go better with your skin and hairs. winks*

Outfit: E-Clipse Gloria (acqua)   ,  E-Clipse Design                                               mesh*

Bag: E-Clipse Gloria Bag salmon  , E-Clipse Design                                              mesh*

Sandals :::GB:: Gladiator Sandals Brown   ,Gabriel                                        L$0     Group Gift*

Hairs: ""D!va"" Hair "Mana" (Type A)(Onyx)   , D!va Main Store                 L$0    Group Gift*

Belt :E-Clipse Gloria Belt salmon   ,E-Clipse Design                                              mesh*

Nails: Candy Nail #LB Love to You Brown    , Candy Nail                              L$0       Lucky Letters*

Bracelet: C&C - Diligit Bracelet - Gold  , Marketplace                                     L$10


Today' s  subject is "Fashion in Daily Secondlife". I try to combine some good quality  group gifts / Dollarbies for this look. I more like colours explode if i would prefer a daily simple look. The combination of the parts in daily look more important than formal ones for me.

Awesome mesh top from COLDLOGIC is totally free and it brings a great quality even if you just go out by jeans. It comes in 3 colours (black, blue, red) so hurry till the hunt ends.


 what should we wear today?

Top :coldLogic top - jett.TFUH gift              (hunt gift )   , coldlogic      L$0    MESH*

Jeans: GG  low rise jeans         , Grumble Grumble                                 L$50

Boots: *COCO*_Over-the-kneeBoots_Brown    , COCO Designs         L$175

Bag: [BUKKA]LeatherBag ::welcome gift::              , [BUKKA]          L$0    GroupGift

Glasses: Naali's aviator sunglasses gold , Marketplace                              L$10

Earrings: Black Diamond Stud Earrings - Gold - , Marketplace                L$25

Hairs :>TRUTH< Erika -  black & whites     , TRUTH Hair                     L$250

Top :coldLogic top - jett.TFUH gift coldlogic                        L$0 MESH*

Jeans: Slink Bootcut Jeans Mesh Gift Slink                                           L$0     Gift

Glasses : [[EC]]LOL Nerd Glasses((Boxed)) - Marketplace                  L$0

Tablet :KR_Tablet K1 , Kal Rau                                                             L$0  Gift

Prim Feet : [AL] Promo Bare Tip Toe Foot - Marketplace                        L$10

Sunday, 25 March 2012


ARTEMIS found a way to durprise me again with thie awesome Lace detailed pink dress. Nowadays Mesh in Secondlife Fashion keep increasing but still some Companies like ARTEMIS has a big pie in the Fashon Industry with awesome sculpted outfits. Today i wanna share an elegance coming by Pink with you.

The lace sleeve details on shoulders making dress more cute. But its optional and still has a great look without them.  Dress gives you 3 options just by changing the lace details on shoulders. You can turn it from a princess formal to a more sexy one .I was dreaming starting night with sleeves then just tossing them off and ending night being sexy.

Dress:  ARTEMIS lace sleeve peplum Suit::pink::     , ARTEMIS

Shoes:Stiletto Moody Bare Elizabeth (Silver Diamante)   , Stiletto Moody

Clutch: *COCO*_SatinClutch_Silver    , COCO  designs

Hairs: *booN WMO003 hair black/chocolate/purple     , *SAIKIN and booN hair

Earrings: CCD - Pure 2 - Catherine - Earrings     , CCD

Clutch: *COCO*_SatinClutch_Silver , COCO designs

Nails:::GB:: Cute Pearl Ring Nail 3color      , GABRIEL

And pink elegance  turns into wild. From princess suit to one sexy dress.  Letting go off your hairs a bit and  ready for a crazy night now.

Friday, 23 March 2012


Coming of March brings more colour to life but still we need to be careful while taveling. So i thought it would be better to go out with a Fur west of ISON collection.  For the Start of Spring till the weather go warmer i think we can still combine the fur pieces in our wardrobe with newest Secondlife Mesh collections. Here is one option for combine.

West: ISON - belted fur vest (snow)   , ISON

Shirt: ::: B@R ::: Darleen      , Barerose

Glasses: Naali's aviator sunglasses gold   , Marketplace

Earrings:  Black Diamond  Stud Earrings - Gold -   , Marketplace

Watch: Free Watch for Ladies   ,    Watch Shop Watches

Shoes: *GF* Strap Shoes "Alex" -metallic:bronze-     , G Field

Bag: GG Mesh Travel Tote Tan   , Grumble grumble

Pants:coldLogic trouser - mazza.smoke   , coldLogic

Hairs:""D!va"" Hair "Marie" (Type B)(Onyx) , D!va

Glasses: Naali's aviator sunglasses gold , Marketplace

Earrings: Black Diamond Stud Earrings - Gold - , Marketplace

Shirt: ::: B@R ::: Darleen , Barerose


Kylie Minogue song i heard again today reminded me of one of my favorite gowns.
Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.
Maybe thats why it suits so perfect for women since centuries.

 Dress: (CW) Nuria Bright Red     , Celestinas WEDDINGS

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Elizabeth (Silver Diamante)    , Stiletto Moody

Make up: Moonshadow Nagore   , Marketplace

Earrings: Chop Zuey Gift - My Heart Post Earrings       , Chop Zuey

Bracelet: **G&T Chinees "LOVE"                      , G&T Creations

Nails:  PIERCING NAILS gold star    , Marketplace

Thursday, 22 March 2012


You can still here the footsteps of MeshFair even has been some weeks since they showed up. Wanted to share with you one of the greatest Meshfair releases for me. Ricielli - MeshFair -  Papi Jumpsuit (sweetorange) . Ricielli mesh was one of the companies who rocked along the Mesh Fair Event. Lets chek it with more detail for a feedback to Secondlife Fashion.

Outfit: Ricielli - MeshFair -  Papi Jumpsuit (sweetorange)     , Ricielli Main Store

Bag : R.icielli - THE MESSENGER bag /pistache (jolie hands)    , Ricielli Main Store

Shoes:*GF* Strap Shoes "Alex" -metallic:bronze-     , *G Field* Main Store

Bag : R.icielli - THE MESSENGER bag /pistache (jolie hands) , Ricielli Main Store


Necklace: P.C; Heirloom Pendant   , Paper Couture

Bracelet: C&C - Deligit Bracelet - Gold    , C&C

Earrings: Black Diamond  Stud Earrings - Gold -   

Nails:Candy Nail #LB Love to You Brown    , Candy Nail

Wednesday, 21 March 2012




i didnt wanna pass this outfit which i fell in love at first sight. Secondlife Fashion comminuty presents us a wide variety of options in these days. The secret to feel the rhythm and be part of it just going through following upcoming events . I will read more about this event in upcoming posts as well. now its time to let Pink control

Dress:::HH:: Hucci Gila Dress

Clutch:Indy&Co.: Snakeskin Clutch-Honeysuckle

Necklace:(Yummy) Pieces of the past necklace

Bracelet: C&C - Diligit Bracelet - Gold

Earrings: Black Diamond  Stud Earrings - Gold -

Nails: Candy Nail #LB Love to you Brown

Shoes: *GF* Strap Shoes "Alex" -metallic:bronze-


Dress:JANE - grace       , Jane @ Home

Clutch:[ glow ] studio - Orange garden clutch bag      ,[ glow ] Studio - Main STORE -

Watch:Watch for Ladies   , Watch Shop Watches -  Ranunculus

Hairs:""D!va"" Hair "Marie" (Type B)(Onyx)  , ""D!va"" Main Store

Hair Flower:""D!va"" Dress "Diva" Head dress (Flower only) , ""D!va"" Main Store

Bracelet:  C&C - Diligit Bracelet - Gold     ,C&C

Nails: PIERCING NAILS gold star    ,Glamorize City

Feet: [AL] Promo Bare Tip Toe Foot - Leg Attach

Earrings: B Gold-Double-Bamboo with Bling

Clutch:[ glow ] studio - Orange garden clutch bag ,[ glow ] Studio - Main STORE -

Dress:JANE - grace , Jane @ Home

tips: the colour of tangerine will be very popular for the next days as well. Why i combine  Navy dress with more dynamic accessories is because, dress is already simple enough as a base tough it is hight quality mesh. The accessories giving the Navy dress more energy .


Even tough i am really keen on latest mesh clothes i sometimes still use combination of sculpted items. Such as my flowered League skirt. Whole combination started by League flowered skirt and it leaded all other details such as Navy Jacket . Another detail is the Stiletto Moody shoes who i strictly believe leads Sl Fashion in stilettos.

Skirt:  *League* Full Lace Skirt with Ribbons -Brown

Shirt: *League* Seashell Blouse -Cream

Bag: ::Duh!:: Minibag Brown

Hairs: *booN WMO003 hair black/chocolate/purple

Earrings: Donna Flora VIOLETTA earrings


Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Lana
Jacket: R.icielli - GABRIELA militaryjacket /azure


COLLABOR88 presents us those two amazing outfits which would burn the fashion down this summer. Think i will comtinue wearing them for a few times as the colours gonna lead this summer.

Dress: ::HH:: Hucci O-Floral Maxi Dress - Tangerine

Bag: !KKBB!! Deidre Shoulder Tote - Wicker

Hairs:""D!va"" Hair "Marie" (Type B)(Onyx)

Hair Flower: ""D!va"" Dress "Diva" Head dress (Flower only)

Necklace: *N@N@* Leslie necklace

Nails: PIERCING NAILS gold star


Dress: ::HH:: Hucci O-Floral Maxi Dress - Cockatoo

Hairs: ""D!va"" Hair "Maya" (Onyx)

Earrings:GG-Rose Earrings-Blue

Bangles:GG-Chunky Pearl and Sparkle Bracelets-Gold and Green

Ring: Aly- Platinum & Diamond  Wedding Band