Monday, 30 April 2012

Morning Wind

Dress: Intrepid:: Cocktail Dress [Beige]    ,  Intrepid                                                    L$0 GroupGift

Shoes:   Beige Sandals       ,                                                                       L$0

Bag: !1mm***   group gift bag   ,   1mm Village                                                          L$0 GroupGift

Necklace:  **Tentacio: Special necklace  for subscribe  ,  Tentacio                             L$0 SubscribeGift

Nails: ::GB:: Cute Pearl Ring Nail 3color , GABRIEL                                                 L$0 GroupGift

Hairs: >TRUTH< Rayvn - night      , TRUTH Hair                                                       L$250

Pinkish Girl

Dress: Intrepid:: Woodland Teal  ,    Intrepid                                                              L$0 GroupGift

Shoes: ((Crystal Line))"COCO"Shoes  ,    Crystal Line                                              L$0  LuckyLetter

Earrings: ((Crystal Line))Cherry Pierce , Crystal Line                                                L$0 GroupGift

Bag: magi take mini bag [ purple ]   ,   magi take                                                         L$0 GroupGift

Nails: **pulcino**Prim nail "Neri Ame" Purple , *Pulcino*                                       L$0 LuckyLetter

Hairs: >TRUTH< Bree - espresso  , TRUTH Hair                                                        L$250

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Let's Grumble :Volume II

i hope you all ready to Grumble with me .Grumble brought awesome MESH outfits as gift for you.

You need to join group and hit the boards randomly placed in sim . Boards are for giftcards which you can use in store.

Grumble Group Join



Top: GG Womens-MESH Spaghetti Strap Top-Red     , Grumble                         L$0     storeCard

Skirt: GG WOMENS-Mesh Denim Skirt-    , Grumble                                          L$0      storeCard

Shoes: GG WOMENS HEART SANDALS RED   , Grumble                               L$0      storeCard

Dress: GG WOMENS MESH-Bubble Dress   , Grumble                                                L$0 storeCard

Shoes: GG WOMENS LINKED STILETTOS YELLOW   , Grumble                           L$0 storeCard

Hairs: >TRUTH< Karen - espresso , TRUTH Hair                                                         L$250

my NEW sandals

Top: *Dreams* Top Gabie Mesh TZ    ,  *Dreams*                      MESH*             L$0 GroupGift

Jeans Skirt: M*Motion  Denim Skirt : AQUA ,  M*Motion                                    L$0

Sandals: JAZMYN D: WEDGE SANDAL SHOE  , marketplace                           L$0

Earrings: *FZaPP Earrings GIFT Fashion  ,  FZaPP                                                L$0 SubscribeGift

Nails: Clin nails - pink pink      ,    marketplace                                                        L$2

Bag: !KKBB!! Deidre Shoulder Tote  , marketplace                                                L$5

Hairs: AD - dive Onyx , Analog Dog                                                                        L$275


Dress: Tee*fy Simple Romper TDR  ,   Tee*fy                                                     L$0 LuckyLetter

Scarf :  *MONO DOT*cifhone scarf -   , :::Septem Essentia:::                              L$0

Bag:*MONO DOT* shoulder bag-  ,   :::Septem Essentia:::                                  L$0

Nails: ::GB:: Cute Pearl Ring Nail 3color , GABRIEL                                          L$0 GroupGift

Shoes: =PIA= peeptoe star wedge red , Pirate Arts                                                 L$0 GroupGift

Earrings: Love is white Pearl earring  , Mohna Lisa Couture                                  L$0 group gift

Hairs: *booN WMO003 hair black  , *SAIKIN and booN                                      L$280  


Hairs:&A Kitty Hair Blackberry    (PROMO ends May 28 ) , marketplace            L$0

Top: *COCO*_HandPrintTee_Shirt    ,  COCO designs                                         L$0 GroupGift

Bag: *COCO*_Gift_ClearToteBag-Black  ,  COCO designs                                  L$0 GroupGift

Pants: [Amarelo Manga] - Pants Latex -   ,  , Amarelo manga                                 L$0 groupGift

Glasses: ShadZ Eyewear By Enzo   , ShadZ                                                            L$0 groupGift

Bangles: ~*Unicorn Dreams*~ Black & White Bangles   , marketplace                L$0

Nails: **pulcino**Prim nail "Neri Ame" Purple  ,   *Pulcino*                              L$0 LuckyLetters

Shoes: _U.one_ Belissi Pump Mesh Black   ,  U.One                                            L$1

Sunday Mood

Jacket: JANE - open hoodie.cherry ,   Jane (Check history - 'Dec 24' message)            L$0 SubscribeGift

Nails: ..:: Bens Beauty ::..Gift French Nail 1 : BenS Beauty :                                        L$0 GroupGift

Bag:   2010_FREE_RAMBLE quilted leather tote , :::Septem Essentia:::                     L$0 group gift

Baggy+ Shirt   :   .:: Fear Us ::. Dollarbie [BOX]  ,   Marketplace                                  L$1

Shoes: A&A White belt leather strap heels   , marketplace                                             L$1

Hairs: /Wasabi Pills/ Eve Hair  - Blacks Pack    Wasabi Pills                                          L$250

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mrs. Poet

Jacket: ::Mr.Poet::Bat sleeve knit coat_Blue   , Mr Poet                                       L$0     MESH*

Shoes: Violet Mafia: Kennedy's Gift     , Violet Mafia                                         L$0   GroupGift

Sunglasses: =DeLa*= Sunglasses De1   , DeLa                                                    L$0 GroupGift

Dress: [ T;L ] MiniDress !Dollarbie!  , Marketplace                                             L$1     MESH*

Bag: {Handmade} Black Plain Bag    , Handmade                                                L$1

Nails: Piercing Nails Goldstar red , Marketplace                                                   L$2

Hairs: >TRUTH< Erika - black & whites , TRUTH Hair                                      L$250

Wasabi Girl in RED

Jacket: [ef] - Locked A Deal Mesh Blazer -   , Eskimo Fashion                                 L$0 GroupGift

Shirt::shucream 100 Members Gift:   ,   Shucream                                                     L$0 GroupGift

Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps Pearl  , Maitreya                                                L$0 SubscribeGift

Nails: ..:: Bens Beauty ::..Gift French Nail 1 , : BenS Beauty :                                  L$0 GroupGift

Tights: Mushie :: Basic Leggings - Emerald     , Marketplace                                    L$1

Hairs: /Wasabi Pills/ Kumi MESH Hair - Blacks Pack  ,  Wasabi Pills                      L$250

BaGGy TiMe

Top: (CM) Retro Tank  , {Cracked Mirror}                                                    L$0  SubscribeGift

Bag:*OC* Fragrance Handbag , *Orage Creations*                                       L$0  GroupGift

Sunglasses : *OC* Golden Mask Sunglasses , *Orage Creations*                 L$0  GroupGift

Nails: ..:: Bens Beauty ::..Gift French Nail 1 , : BenS Beauty :                       L$0 GroupGift

Hairs: ""D!va"" Hair "Marie" (Type B)(Onyx) , Diva hairs                            L$0 GroupGift

Shoes:=PIA= Box patent Celebrity pumps gold , Pirate Arts                          L$0 GroupGift

Jeans: Mesh Baggy BND Painted , marketplace                                              L$1


Today i wanted to share one awesome Outfit with you.  If you never visited HoorenBeek before, i suggest you  to go check store as soon as possible. ıo mighyt say HoorenBeek is one of the first class stores in the Secondlife fashion World.

In order to get the gift    you should join SUBSCRIBE  list and after 15 days you will be able to grab this awesome MESH*   boots and sweater. and it really WOrth to wait!!!    you will see what i mean when you have it.

SUBSCRIBER changes gifts once in every month so quick before the gift changes. winks*


Top: [ h ] Sweater w/Shirt - Mesh - Brown/White  ,   [Horenbeek]                         L$0  SubscribeGift

Boots: [ h ] Sweater w/Shirt - Mesh - Brown/White   ,  [Horenbeek]                      L$0  SubscribeGift

Shorts: white jean shorts with brown belt   , Unique Clothing                                 L$0  SubscribeGift

Bag: Girls Just Want to Have Fun Travel Bag   , Bella's Lullaby                            L$0

Nails: **MDL** Fucsia LadyBug Nails , MDL FASHION                                    L$0

Hairs: >TRUTH< Florence 2 - espresso , TRUTH Hair                                          L$250                 

in my Knitt Dress

Top: Ero Rabbi---Dolman Sleeve Knitting Dress  , Ero Rabbi                                      L$0

Shoes: ::GB:: Gladiator Sandals Brown    , Gabriel                                                       L$0

Nails: **MDL** Red San Valentin Nails , MDL                                                          L$0 

Bag: magi take leather bag [ brown ]   , marketplace                                                     L$10 

Hairs:  [BURLEY]_Bajka_Black01 , [BURLEY]                                                       L$285

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Love Me Slow

 Full Outfit  :  .::CENSORED::.Set Amelie   ,  Censored                                           L$0 GroupGift

Nails: ..:: Bens Beauty ::..Gift French Nail 1 , : BenS Beauty :                                  L$0 GroupGift

:Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps Fuchsia , Maitreya                                            L$0 SubscribeGift

Earrings: ::Duh!:: Orange Agate Dangles    ,       Duh!                                              L$0

Bag: (Baiastice)Grandma Purple Poppins Bag   ,  BAIASTICE                                L$0

Hairs: .:EMO-tions:. * FINYA * /black , EMO-tions                                                 L$245

i wanna ride a bike

Dress:    !gO! blOOm dress     , !gO!                                                                      L$0 MESH*

Shoes::Duh!:: Sock Top Boots - Teal       ,    Duh!                                                L$0 SubscribeGift   

Nails: ..:: Bens Beauty ::..Gift French Nail 1 , : BenS Beauty :                             L$0 GroupGift

Bike: Ming-MX Stunt Bike (Stund BMX)       ,  Marketplace                              L$0

Hairs: >TRUTH< Agnes 3 ) - espresso ,    TRUTH Hair                                      L$250

PatchWOrk GirLie

Top: ...ALB FIONA boho outfit   MESH  , ALB FASHION                                L$1 Group Gift* 

Jeans: GG  EXPOSURE JEANS BLUE-CUFFS   , Grumble                               L$0 storeCard

Shoes: Sole Sisters - Nicole - dollarbie - , marketplace                                         L$1

Bracelet: [DDL] Faith (bracelet) , [DDL]                                                              L$0 group gift

Bag: *VERSHE* Random Tights Bundle Bag,  VERSHE                                   L$0 group gift

Necklace: KOSH- RIBBON NECKLACE , marketplace                                     L$0

Hairs: TRUTH HAIR Adele- espresso , TRUTH Hair                                         L$250

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Samurai Elegance

Dress : ~*RunoRuno*~ Dress #07 Linen  , Marketplace                                L$0

Prim Feet : [AL] Promo Bare Tip Toe Foot - Marketplace                             L$10 

Hairs:[LeLutka]-TOKYO hair - , Lelutka                                                       L$269

Greenies Land

Pants:   I ALEIDA Thiago baggy croth pants- acid     Groupgift for Him        I ALEIDA I          L$0

Watch: Free Watch for Ladies , Watch SHop Watches                                                                  L$0

Prim Feet : [AL] Promo Bare Tip Toe Foot - Marketplace                                                            L$10 

Top:Ricielli Mesh - (S) sweater bicolor , (RICIELLI EASTER HUNT ITEM #5), Ricielli                                L$15

Bag:Ricielli Mesh - YUSE bag (hand) - mustard , (RICIELLI EASTER HUNT ITEM #11), Ricielli                L$15

Hairs: >TRUTH< Erika -  black & whites  , TRUTH Hair                                                           L$250

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

One classic beauty

Jacket: ][AV][jacket stripe navy     , AWRAM-VIIE                                        L$1

Shirt: Shampooo Cotton race tube top    , !Shampoo                                         L$0

Pants: Pants:GG Mesh_Ladies Dress Trousers Beige ,      Grumble                 L$0 storeCard

Shoes:Maitreya Group Gift Pumps , Maitreya                                                  L$0 SubscribeGift

Bag: +plus *Black Capitone Bag* ,  +plus                                                        L$0

Hairs: [BURLEY]_Posh_Black01   , [BURLEY]                                             L$285

Monday, 16 April 2012

bye bye Blackbird

Top: VERO MODERO /  October Female Gift  , Vero Modero                                 L$0

Leggings:  Shampooo Group gift kirakiratorenga   , !Shampoo                                  L$0

Shoes: BabyMonkey Ultimate Lily Lilac   ,  Menstuff/Womenstuff Lounge              L$0

Nails: [G] Red Lace-Nails , [G l i t z z]                                                                         L$0 LuckyChair

Hairs: [BURLEY]_Hannah_Black01  , [BURLEY]                                                      L$285

Morea in Midnight

new group gift From Morea Designs.  You will definately love how your  skirt is dancing when you walk around.  I suggest you to stay updated  because Morea always have some discount during month and very special offers.  you all need to have one of Morea in your wardrobe winks*

Dress+Accessories : EXCLUSIVE GIFT  *EXOTICA*   , Morea Style                       L$0 GroupGift

Shoes: $1 WCI Strap V2- Stitch   , Marketplace                                                            L$1

Hairs: >TRUTH< Florence 2 - espresso   ,   TRUTH Hair                                            L$250

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Top: ::TGIS:: Angel Black Corset Bottom Lacing , Mon Cheri                                L$0 GroupGift

Leggings: *TuttiFrutti* Just An Illusion Low Legging , Seraphim                           L$0 GroupGift

Shoes: Retro' - love shoe  ,  Seraphim                                                                        L$0 GroupGift

Earrings: (EN) - Mezclar Set  , Earth's Bangles               Mix-Match Hunt               L$0 

Bag:tram doctors bag  , Tram Mainstore                                                                    L$0 

Nails: **MDL** Red San Valentin Nails  , MDL                                                     L$0 

Hairs: booN GGL309 hair black  , *SAIKIN and booN                                            L$280  

Saturday, 14 April 2012

A day to remember

Dress:Cream Knit Summer Dress  , HUDSON'S                         GroupGift                       L$0

Bag: :: ZEPHYR :: Ribbon Bag February Special   , ZEPHYR                                           L$0

Shoes: C'est Moi! : My pinkie pumps dot    ,  C'est Moi!                 GroupGift                   L$0

Earrings& Bracelet: Tres Beau "Brushed"  , Tres Beau   TRPH2 #10                                 L$0

Hairs:::::Fab-U-Lous::::Prima ( Black)     ,   Fab-U-Lous                                                  L$150

Nails: **MDL** Fucsia LadyBug Nails    ,  MDL FASHION        GroupGift                    L$0

Purple Cupcake

Top:[ SAKIDE ] Exposed Top Purple  ,   Marketplace                                                    L$0

Jeans Skirt: [BUKKA]frill denim skirt  ,  [BUKKA]            LuckyLetters                      L$0

Leggings: [LV]Leggings_graf_pink ,  [LV]                           GroupGift                          L$0

Shoes: ::Duh!:: Espadrille White Alyssum , Duh!    SubscribeGift  check history           L$0

Bracelet: [BUKKA]color bracelet white  , [BUKKA]          LuckyLetters                       L$0

Headband: :: ZEPHYR :: MESH Headband  ,  ZEPHYR    find  Hi5 Hunt object           L$0

Bag: [chuculet] renee bag - hearts     , [chuculet]                                                               L$5

Hairs: >TRUTH< Erika -  black & whites     , TRUTH Hair                                           L$250

Friday, 13 April 2012

Gone with The Wind

Dress: ::HH:: Hucci Tank Dress - April Gift ,   Hucci                MESH*                 L$0 SubscribeGift

Boots: GG WOMENS -MESH Overknee Boots-Black  , Grumble                          L$0 StoreCard

Necklace: -Jetcity Fashions - Black Pearls Necklace , Marketplace                         L$0

Nails: ..:: Bens Beauty ::..Gift French Nail 1 : BenS Beauty :                                   L$0 GroupGift

Hairs: .:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN IV*/black , EMO-tions                                L$245

Let's SHIKI!

I wanted to share  some of the group gifts in SHIKI DESIGNS.  If you are one of these  quality and freebie lovers dont forget to check SHIKI DESIGN group gift section. The section is in the second building basement floor. There are lots of options for spring season  formal, casual, men, swimwear  more and more and more...   ENJOY  winks*

Hairs: >TRUTH< Bunny -  black & whites   ,    TRUTH Hair                        L$0  SubscribeGift

Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps         , Maitreya                                        L$0 SubscribeGift

Dresses:  SHIKI DESIGN group gifts  , Shiki Design                                     L$0 GroupGift

Nails: ..:: Bens Beauty ::..Gift French Nail 1 : BenS Beauty :                         L$0 GroupGift

April Cutie

Top: ::C'est la vie !:: Drape cami(flower)        , C'est la vie                                           L$0 group gift

Shorts: I ALEIDA I Virginia jeans shorts Female gift bag (2),      I ALEIDA I           L$0 group gift

Shoes: Serenity Salmon Bow Heels     , Purrfect 10                                                     L$0 group gift

Bag: TRPH2 #26 Azoury    , AZOURY   Find Hunt object on second floor                              L$0    MESH*

Nails: [G] Sexy Bunny - Nails (april gift)  ,  [G l i t z z]                                               L$0 GroupGift

Hairs:>TRUTH< Kalle 2 - espresso  , TRUTH Hair                                                      L$250

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sassy Girl

Pants: I ALEIDA I Cafu baggy pants  Male gift bag (2) , I ALEIDA I                          L$0 group gift

Bag: 2010_FREE_RAMBLE quilted leather tote ,  :::Septem Essentia:::                      L$0 group gift

Nails: ..:: Bens Beauty ::..Gift French Nail 1 : BenS Beauty :                                        L$0 GroupGift

MP 4 Player Arm Belt NCparis  , marketplace                                                               L$0

Top:.:Titzuki:. Black tank boxed , marketplace                                                              L$1

Shoes: Sole Sisters - Nicole - dollarbie - , marketplace                                                  L$1

Earrings:[MANDALA]:SENJYU Earrings/BLACK HOLE , marketplace                   L$127

Hairs: .:EMO-tions:. * FINYA * /black , EMO-tions                                                    L$245

Elegant Zebra

Valentine E. Couture brings you this elegant outfit as subscribe gift. You need to check history notices and you will find  it in history.

It is created as mesh so it perfectly fitting the curves of your  body and showing how beauty  Woman Bodies are. winks*

Dress: :V.e. One Shoulder Bow Dress  Zebra Charcoal             Valentina E.           L$0 SubscribeGift

Shoes: Shoes: .:. CHG .:. "Audrey" heels , CHG Fashion Find the hunt object!!      L$0

Earrings: Diamond Heart and Drop Earrings , Marketplace                                       L$0

Nails:Nails: Piercing Nails Goldstar red , Marketplace                                              L$2

Bag: GG Clutch Bag Black , Grumble         Accessories Department                       L$0 (use giftcards)

Hairs: booN ARK554 hair black  ,  *SAIKIN and booN                                             L$280

Colourful Spring

I totally fell in love with this hair of Lelutka. Called Nicole. It  made my style of the day. Colours are what can make us cheer sometimes sad.. colours are what reflects our mood for the day .

Let all colours shine your day today ..yourself is certainly a colour as well and as Bob Marley says  Dont Worry Be Happy  winks*

Top: ***Arisaris Rig38 Afro top   , ArisAris                                     L$0 Group Gift

Pants:  [Pumpkin] Loose jeans G , [Villena, Pumpkin, JEM]            L$0 LuckyLetter MESH*

Bag: I ALEIDA I Male gift bag (3) , I ALEIDA I                            L$0 group gift

Shoes: GG WOMENS-super high stilettos-gold  , Grumble               L$0 storeCard

Earrings ***Arisaris Bells Earring Gift for group  , ArisAris            L$0 Group Gift

Bangles: Maxi Gossamer - Boho Bangles - Mahogany                    L$0 Group Gift
                           (join secondlife:///app/group/a8ed2190-f0f3-1da7-708f-c192065d2d62/about and check the notices)

Hairs:[LeLutka]-NICOLE hair - AlmostGoth - , Lelutka                 L$269