Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Today' s  subject is "Fashion in Daily Secondlife". I try to combine some good quality  group gifts / Dollarbies for this look. I more like colours explode if i would prefer a daily simple look. The combination of the parts in daily look more important than formal ones for me.

Awesome mesh top from COLDLOGIC is totally free and it brings a great quality even if you just go out by jeans. It comes in 3 colours (black, blue, red) so hurry till the hunt ends.


 what should we wear today?

Top :coldLogic top - jett.TFUH gift              (hunt gift )   , coldlogic      L$0    MESH*

Jeans: GG  low rise jeans         , Grumble Grumble                                 L$50

Boots: *COCO*_Over-the-kneeBoots_Brown    , COCO Designs         L$175

Bag: [BUKKA]LeatherBag ::welcome gift::              , [BUKKA]          L$0    GroupGift

Glasses: Naali's aviator sunglasses gold , Marketplace                              L$10

Earrings: Black Diamond Stud Earrings - Gold - , Marketplace                L$25

Hairs :>TRUTH< Erika -  black & whites     , TRUTH Hair                     L$250

Top :coldLogic top - jett.TFUH gift coldlogic                        L$0 MESH*

Jeans: Slink Bootcut Jeans Mesh Gift Slink                                           L$0     Gift

Glasses : [[EC]]LOL Nerd Glasses((Boxed)) - Marketplace                  L$0

Tablet :KR_Tablet K1 , Kal Rau                                                             L$0  Gift

Prim Feet : [AL] Promo Bare Tip Toe Foot - Marketplace                        L$10

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